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In order to accomplish our goals for the summer of 2023 and save the Nets, The Project for Resilient Communities has outlined a funding budget, and welcomes the community's support.

Budget and Funding Needs Summer 2023

Our goals are two-fold: to extend the emergency permits that expire at the end of the year and to transfer the responsibility for the ongoing permitting and care of the nets, to the appropriate governmental authorities. In addition, conditions of our emergency permit require that TPRC must remove the debris behind one or more of the nets, which will commence in early August. 


Pursuing both of the above requires expert consultants, lobbyists, legal and other steep regulatory expenses. In addition, there are expensive equipment fees to access and clean out all areas in accordance with many regulations.   We estimate the total costs to be approximately $300,000, which includes our co-pay to FEMA. We are concurrently pursuing additional governmental funds.


Budget needs:

FEMA 6% match: $100,000

Permitting Costs: $75,000 (that includes Suzanne Elledge Planning and Permitting Services, Storrer, Waterways Consulting and permit costs for California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Santa Barbara County Planning and Development, US Army Corps of Engineers and California Regional Water Control Board)

Legal: $30,000

D & O Insurance: $30,000

Staff Costs: $50,000


We welcome the community’s support at this critical juncture.


The nets were entirely funded by tax deductible private contributions, such as yours, and we hope to efficiently transfer these important community assets to Santa Barbara County authorities, where they should have been from the outset. But again, 5 years ago, we were under the threat of more devastation, and “Waiting for the Cavalry” was not an option.

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